Re: [orca-list] Emacs in gnome was [orca not speaking after screenis locked]

am Do 08. Mai 2008 um 10:06:39 schrieb David E. Price <deprice cs utah edu>:
There is another possible solution for getting speech support for emacs in 
gnome. Sadly, I'm not remembering the name of the program, but it works with 
speech dispatcher.  So, if you configured Orca to work with Speech 
dispatcher, the two might coexist well within gnome.  There are a number of 
people who monitor this list who are familiar with this program for emacs. 

The name of this program is speechd-el, and it works well with the regular 
Emacs (not Emacspeak).
You need Speech-dispatcher, so you must be aware of some trouble, provided 
you use Hardy. If not, things are rather easy:
Install and configure SD, and then type:
apt-get install speechd-el
as root.
After this invoke Emacs as follows:
emacs -f speechd-speak <filename>
For a detailed description see Speechd-el's manpage.

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