Re: [orca-list] Developing GTK applications (in Python) as a blind developer

On Thu, 2008-03-27 at 18:11 +0000, Jon wrote:
Orca already supports per-application-scripting.

I recall that someone previously talked about eclipse, if you search the 
mail archives you can see what they had to say about accessibility.
Sorry i cant remember what the conclusion was.

Eclipse is reasonably accessible, but has a few issues that scripting
may help with. Most noticeable problems being:
Junit test results do not get status read, this is due to the coloured
mark being an image and not having accessible text information. You can
work round this by either getting eclipse to only show failed tests, or
by seeing which have a stack trace associated with them. I was able to
train the images in window-eyes on windows but I think that there is no
way to do this on linux.
Code completion does not always show the code being completed until a
block is complete or you move off the line and back. For this you do see
the cursor move along on a braille desplay but the text doesn't show
until the part is complete. Hopefully this might be solveable with
In time when using eclipse for a long time, sometimes orca announces the
wrong item in tree views (the package explorer tree is an example) or
sometimes it just doesn't get anything as the selected item. I don't
know where the solution will need to come from here.
Braille routing keys don't work in the code editor, hopefully scripting
might help.
Braille doesn't always update when cursoring in the console window (the
eclipse console).

It will help you alot if you learn about the eclipse shortcut keys.

The problems I have stated were found using orca 2.20.3, but I have just
updated to orca 2.22.0 this evening and will say if this has changed
once I have had the chance to try it out.

Michael Whapples


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