Re: [orca-list] orca stopping speech

Hi all,

Jon wrote:
Does Orca stop talking all together, and even if you switch application?

yes exactly thats the case... It stoppes even across applications and never starts speaking again until i restart it.

Hermann reported something simular a few days back, when orca would
freeze, and only start talking again when switching application.

But in my case it is a litle bit different. Orca doesn't freece at all. I still have "normal" braille output and no slowing down of orca or something like that.

I have created a debug-xxx.out file. Where shoul i send it or put it to. Perhaps there is allready a bug describing this behaviour where i can add it. Or someone of you want directly have a look at it... Just let me know.

Regards Jann
I also observe the behaviour that Hermann sees.

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