Re: [orca-list] orca stopping speech


no, i can't define a pattern or some special cases when this occures. Also this happens independent from which application is running etc. I will take a look on the orca site how to get some usefull debug logging and paste the results afterwards. Maybe that can help to find the cause.

btw. i didn't change the voice or speech driver or something like this. Just selected german voice and all other values are default settings.

Regards Jann

Willie Walker wrote:
Hi Jann:

Do you have a specific set of steps we can follow to reproduce this? This might seem like a random thing, but perhaps there's some sequence of things causing this to happen.


Jann Schneider wrote:

and here allready comes the first hardy question :-)

I have installed orca 2.23.5.pre from svn and the latest at stuff as well. Done it a cupple minutes ago..

The problem i have is, that orca just stopps speaking. What i mean is, it works correct a while and then doen't speak any more until i restart orca.

Has anyone else encountered this problem and perhaps a fix for that

Regards Jann

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