Re: [orca-list] Great work, but still a few questions

Hi there,
This is my opinion in the frame navigation matter,
Sometimes a web page can be somewhat tricky and many tricky pages are
built using frames. In those cases and in all cases where frames are
present, it helps with frame navigation. I don't know whether FF perhaps
has this feature built in, after all there are key bindings defined, so
it may be possible that frame navigation already is supported and then
we shouldn't reinvent the wheel unless Orca can provide a better
solution than FF.

Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
Hi Krister.

How are you planning to implement form navigation?

According to the Orca specification for Firefox 3 written by Mike
Pedersen, which states "The letters 'f' and 'Shift+f' will be used to
move between form fields.

That said, the specification is not something that is written in stone;
rather, it is a more fluid document that evolves and expands based on
community needs and feedback.  So if you have something different in
mind regarding how best to implement form field navigation, by all means
let's discuss it here on the list.  Once there is a consensus -- and the
specification updated by Mike, should that be needed -- I'll do it.

moving from frame to frame?

Frame navigation is not currently in the specification.  But, again,
that doesn't mean it shouldn't be there.  Do folks want frame navigation?

Hope this helps!

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