[orca-list] Great work, but still a few questions

Hello Joanie and all,
first, thanks for your great work in making FF more and more accessible.
The newly implemented keys work in general, however there were a few
1) What do "O" and Shift+O really do? Now they move from "large object"
to "large object" instead of chunks. What is the difference and what
about it all? It seems as if Orca is moving to any element of the page,
but what's the intention?
2) Visit:
and try to move within the tables by the Alt+Shift+Home and Alt+Shift
+End key. You always hear "row one, column one", why? I think this
tables are layout tables different to data tables, where this keystrokes
seem to work.
Note: There are still navigation difficaulties on multi column pages,
such as the mentioned one, which is a newspaper.

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