Re: [orca-list] Great work, but still a few questions

On Mi, Mär 28 2007, Mike Pedersen wrote:

1) What do "O" and Shift+O really do? Now they move from "large object"
to "large object" instead of chunks. What is the difference and what
about it all? It seems as if Orca is moving to any element of the page,
but what's the intention?
The purpose of this feature is really to help withh things suchh as news
sites where you might have large blocks of links and form controls at
the top of a page followed by blocks of text containing the information
on the page that the person is really interested in.

Yes, and it works great on many sites (e.g. on,
which is a german news site), although I haven't noticed any difference
between moving by chunk or by large object up to the present. Anyway,
Thanks a lot for implementing this feature!


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