Re: [orca-list] Great work, but still a few questions

Hi Beth:

Sorry for the frustration. :-(

Does help? If you can describe where it leads you astray, we can definitely update it.


Beth Koenig wrote:
Ok, guys. I am still confused about how to get the latest version of
ORCA. I am running the latest version of Feisty and Orca seems to only
be at 2.18. How you I get the latest version of Orca. The last time I
did a manual install it killed Orca. I really need the web page
shortcuts that the latest one has. I have been using computers my
whole life, if someone like me can't figure this out then you REALLY
need to make it clearer. Hire a ghost writer or something. I'm just
REALLY fusterated. I can do stuff the hard way, but my clients can't.

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