Re: [orca-list] Great work, but still a few questions

Ok, now Orca is working great. Two things though.
How do I get espeak to work on 6.10? I looked and it's not in the speech menu.
And how do I get braille support on 6.10 for a braille lite m40?
I will try the install on my Feisty machine when I get home. I am
using 6.10 and the office now.


Beth Koenig
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Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center
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On 3/28/07, Hermann <steppenwolf2 onlinehome de> wrote:
Hello Beth,
1) Type as root the following:
apt-get install subversion
Then type:
svn co orca
If this was successful change to the newly directory:
cd orca
Then type:
./ --prefix=/usr
make install
Note: Please check after every step whether there are error messages.
If you installed Orca into a different path, adjust the ./

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