[orca-list] Upgrading to Orca

Hi Folks

I would like to upgrade my Orca v1.0 to v2.18 or the recently announced

I've read through the Orca page on this, and since I'm new to upgrading on
Linux without using the Update Manager, I am a bit confused with the steps I
need to go through to do this.

I understand the following commands that I believe need to be carried out:

sudo apt-get remove gnome-orca
sudo apt-get build-dep gnome-orca
sudo apt-get install subversion gnome-common

The questions that I have are:

- is this all that is required?
- will this take the download from the Ubuntu package store  and if so is
the package at v2.18 or 2.19?
- if not, where and how do I get it?
- will the upgrade also include eSpeak and it's dependancies, or is more
work required?

You'll appreciate that I don't want to do this without full confidence as
once Orca is removed, and if there is more than these 3 commands, Ubuntu may
become unuseable for me.



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