Orca identifying visited links (was Re: new address (was Re: Structural Navigation for Links has been added))

Hi Hermann, all.

Hermann and I started an off-list conversation surrounding my Comcast
issues and switching to Gmail.  But Hermann's question is one that
should be on-list I think (hope you don't mind Hermann!):

How does Gecko.py identify visited links? Could it be a colour problem?
I think visited links are shown in a different colour, right?

Visited links are sometimes shown in a different color; sometimes not.
In the old days they always were.  Then folks figured out ways to make
their pages prettier by controlling link colors.  <smile> 

Regardless, it is not a color problem because we're not looking at the
color when determining whether or not a link is visited.  One of the
properties of links exposed via at-spi is its visited state.  The script
looks at the next (or previous) link and through at-spi says "hey, have
you been visited?"  If the link claims that it has, we stop; else we
move on to the next (or previous) link.  So, potentially the problem is
that a link is lying about whether or not it's been visited.  But I
don't think that's the case....

Is there any chance that in your Preferences dialog, under Privacy, you
unchecked the checkbox called "Remember visited pages for the last X
days?"  If you uncheck that checkbox, Firefox won't remember visited
pages and links that you visited will no longer claim to be visited.

If that isn't it.... Would you mind doing the following:

1. Go to dradio.de
2. Follow a link, then immediately press Alt Left Arrow to go back
3. Tab a few times, follow another link, then immediately press Alt Left
Arrow to go back (do this a couple of times)
4. Then try V and Shift V


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