Orca ff3 testing platform

Many of the problems cited in messages on this list seem to relate back 
to machines 
running  different variants of linux and I suppose solaris.  So during 
this period of ff3 testing would it be helpful for users and developers 
to decide on a common platform?  Once the testing phase were reasonably 
stable on the given platform, testing could be expanded to alternative 

This is obviously not a complete solution because it does not take into 
account the variation in hardware, but it would reduce the vagueries 
introduced by software differences.  

lorenzo's experience is a perfect example of what I am talking about.  
He thought that upgrading to Feisty was a good thing because he would 
receive the advantages
the 2.18 gnome packages.  But the ff3 developers are apparently testing 
on some other software platform.  

I don't want to open up the "which is the best distro" debate, but I 
would like to see a particular one endorsed for ff3 and orca testing.  
If making such a policy statement would place the orca team in an 
uncomfortable position, we could at least have some informal feedback 
on this list from testers' experiences using a variety of distros.


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