Re: Orca Structural Navigation for Links has been added

Hi Hermann.

Okay, I *believe* that I followed your steps exactly. Just to be sure we're on the same page so to speak, here's what I think you did:

Loaded the page, tabbed to the first Vorschau link (the one immediately after Wir über uns), and pressed Enter to follow that link. On the new page, tabbed, shift tabbed once, and then tabbed until you got to the Sitemap link, at which point you pressed Alt Left Arrow to return to the previous page. Focus at that point was on a link called "Vorschau," and I'm guessing from what the contents of the braille display indicate, that it's the same one that you followed. Then you tabbed once to the Frequenzen link and pressed V.

Operating under the assumption that I captured your steps correctly, I cleared my history and followed them. And, sure enough, I got the same results you did. But when I pressed Shift V, I was returned to the first "Vorschau" link. If you have not followed other links on that page, I think what is happening is that you are tabbing past the one visited link in which case there are no more visited links moving forward; only moving backward.

Does this make any sense?

Take care.
Joanie (who called Comcast and was told that there was nothing they could do <grumble, grumble, grumble>)

Hermann wrote:
Hello Joanie,
as an attachment I send the debug.out.
I only tested the dradio page, but I think that's sufficient.


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