Re: Orca Structural Navigation for Links has been added

Hi Hermann.

If you could send me a full debug.out that would be awesome. Yeah, I know, if Comcast wasn't blocking your ISP.... (I don't use their spam filtering, so it's some system-wide thing. But I'll call them.) Options in the meantime:

1. Attach it to bug 417001 on bugzilla (that's the original RFE)
2. Send it to the list (without putting my name in the To or CC fields)
3. Send it to my work address:  joanmarie diggs carroll org

The first two are preferred because I generally only check my work mail, well, when working on my "real job". <smile>

Thanks in advance!!

Hermann wrote:
Hi Joanie,
the mail was rejected again, so I repeat it in cas you missed my answer:
I retested the page, and it definitely doesn't work.
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