Orca Severe problem with ussing Firevox

Hi all,
in FF2 I use the Firevox extension with Orca as speech output. To avoid
redundant speaking on websites, I copied the self_voicing.py to
~/.orca/orca-scripts and renamed it Firefox.py.
This used to work till about a week ago, and it still works, when I
compile Orca from the gnome-2-18 branche. When I compile from the Orca
trunk, Firevox is silent when I start FF2. Changing the speech output to
Java freTTS brings speech back, but only in English and with minor
It seems that Firevox no longer recognizes Orca running, but why? And
what's the reason for the differences between the Orca trunk and the
gnome-2-18 branch?
I compiled recently from the Orca trunk, because it seems, that the
latest files are stored there.
Any ideas?

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