Re: Orca Severe problem with ussing Firevox

hermann wrote:
It seems that Firevox no longer recognizes Orca running, but why? And
what's the reason for the differences between the Orca trunk and the
gnome-2-18 branch?

The list of changes made to Orca since it was branched for GNOME 2.18
are listed in the ChangeLog. One (set) of them was a major refactor. It's
possible this has had an adverse affect. If you want stability, I suggest
using Orca from the gnome-2-18 branch until we generate a new 2.19.0
tarball (probably just after the CSUN conference next week).

Any ideas?

Would it be possible for you to turn debugging on in Orca and send us
the debug.out created when you retry this?


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