Re: Orca SEVERE Firefox regression independent of (was Re: is now crashing Firefox 3.0)

Hello Will and list

On Mo, Mär 12, 2007 at 09:51:52 -0400, Willie Walker 
Thanks Lorenzo!   I may have been a bit defensive -- I woke up to an 
inbox full of e-mails with subjects along the lines of "Orca is 
crashing/hurting xxx".

They should use stable software and not a pre alpha development version.
Is firefox 3 already aan alpha version?

I made some tests with orca and ff and notized 
that the accessibility stuff is getting better and better.
But do not forget that ff 3 is not an enduser app yet.

The response of the orca team for reported problems is very good.
Thanks a lot for your hard work in orca.


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