Re: Orca SEVERE Firefox regression independent of (was Re: is now crashing Firefox 3.0)

Thanks Lorenzo! I may have been a bit defensive -- I woke up to an inbox full of e-mails with subjects along the lines of "Orca is crashing/hurting xxx". When I dug into them, I saw that it really was a failure/regression outside the control of Orca. From a historical point of view, I'd like to see the Orca mailing list thread summaries provide a more accurate representation of the issue at hand. For example, imagine my boss happened to say "Hey, I'll view the the Orca mailing list archives to see how it's going." To help prevent potentially inaccurate perceptions, I will often retitle the subject when I respond. I also gratuitously retitle subjects to more meaningful phrases to help others track down problems. Having said that, I want to assure everyone that we want to hear about problems. Feedback from our users is very important and I value the fact that people take the time to write comments. You guys are all an awesome community, and the general patience with the bleeding edge is commendable. We are going to get there together one step at time.


Lorenzo Taylor wrote:
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Sorry.  I wasn't really blaming Orca for the trouble with FireFox.  My
observation was based on the fact that if Orca wasn't running I got
FireFox to go further than when Orca was running.  Over all, Orca is
quite stable and crashes a lot less often than the Windows counterparts
I used to use which sometimes not only crashed themselves but also had a
bad habbit of crashing the entire OS.  Thanks very much for the great

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