Re: Orca Some experimentations with latest svn and Firefox 3

Hi Hermann.

Thanks so much for the follow-up.

I would sugges that a link that's also a heading should be annonced as
both, no matter which caret mode and which kind of navigation.

I just filed this RFE on bugzilla:

The announcement should be "heading link" and then the content.

As I commented in the RFE, "Whether or not it says 'heading link' and then the content versus content followed by 'heading link' might need some additional consideration and discussion."

In my mind, hearing the content first is better. But that's just me. If you and others feel strongly about it saying "heading link" first, comment here and/or on the bug. That's what this list and RFE's are all about. <smile>

I'll take another look at the newspaper feeds.  Thanks again!

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