Re: Orca Some experimentations with latest svn and Firefox 3

Hi Krister.

Thanks again for the info on these issues. As I mentioned in an earlier message, I could not find any instances of "fler artiklar" on But I did find a case where Orca was getting stuck near the end of an article. I just checked in a fix for that case. I am hoping that it solves your problem as well. When you get the opportunity, if you wouldn't mind checking out the latest Orca revision that would be awesome! And if that doesn't fix it, please post the URL to a specific article with the problem and the navigational commands you used, and we'll get to the bottom of it.

As for, we found a couple of issues with that site. The problem seems to be with some styles in their cascading style sheets and what Firefox does as a result. It may be another instance of a Firefox bug Will filed recently, or it may be a different bug. Still trying to work that out, but definitely working on it. Stay tuned! BTW, the discussion relevant to it is taking place via comments to this bug:

Take care.

Krister Ekstrom wrote:
Hey there,
I experimented a little bit more with the latest Orca revision 2078 i
think it is and Firefox 3 latest build from yesterday and i found that:
On pages with frames, Orca has trouble going from one frame to another,
it often gets stuck. Example url: and try
searching for something there and then try reading the search results.
Another swedish site that makes Orca and Firefox sob is, which is one of our biggest newspapers. Here if you
click a link to read an article and if you scroll down to where it says:
"fler artiklar" which by the way means more articles, the cursor tends
to get stuck for every new header. It appears that there's some kind of
separator between the headers and that makes Orcas navigation confused
as far as i can understand.
Well, that's how far i've come this far.

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