Re: Orca Some experimentations with latest svn and Firefox 3

Hi Joanie,
regarding the announcement of headings on the radio page, it is exactly
as you said:
Headings that are no links are announced as headings, while links that
are also headings are not announced, except the situation where the
caret is gecko controlled, and you come upon them by moving the cursor;
typing "h" doesn't announce them.
I would sugges that a link that's also a heading should be annonced as
both, no matter which caret mode and which kind of navigation.
The announcement should be "heading link" and then the content.
Regarding the newspaper feed: Indeed are the headings not spoken, when
you enter one feed as first page, no matter what it is. Entering a
second feed will announce everything correct; reentering the first feed
by pressing Alt+Left brings the error back.
The actions I take are: Loading the feed and then pressing "h". Pressing
control+home doesn't fix anything, but pressing Control+End and then
"shift+h" results in announcing the headings.
Really funny!

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