Re: Orca Some experimentations with latest svn and Firefox 3

Hi Hermann.

Regarding whether or not headings are always called headings. Is it possible that the difference has something to do with whether or not the heading is just a heading versus it being a heading that is also a link? In my experience when you press H, if the heading is just a heading, Orca says "heading". If the heading is also a link, Orca instead says "link". If that is indeed what's going on, then the question becomes: If the heading is also a link, should Orca say "heading link" or "link heading" or just link or something else?

As for the Frankfurter Rundschau, I am not seeing any differences with nachrichten or wirtschaft. If you consistently are seeing such differences, some step-by-step instructions to reproduce the problem would be much appreciated. The more detail you can provide, such as "I pressed this key, Orca said this, but it should have said such-and-such instead" the better. Thanks in advance!!! In the meantime, if you look at the wirtschaft feed first and then the nachrichten feed, does the problem you're experiencing still remain with the nachrichten feed? (In other words, is it really the feed itself, or something related to how you are loading the pages?)

Finally, with respect to:

So I suspect that the behavior of Orca and Firefox highly depend on the
design of the webpage.

The answer is a resounding "yes!" And it's funny -- or astounding, or depressing depending upon your outlook on life -- how seemingly trivial, silly things in a page's markup can have such a significant impact. That's why the samples are so helpful.

Take care.

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