Re: Orca Another translation question

Hi Jochen:

Thanks for translating!

can anybody tell me if the strings in ../src/orca/ are used
for speech output? I suppose so, but I am not quite sure.

These are indeed used for speech output.  :-)

I just enabled Orca to speak German and I would »translate« these
strings in that way that it sounds correctly if you use the German voice
of espeak. For example, I would translate »at« with »ät« because then it
sounds like Germans pronounce @.

The main thing to do is to translate the character into the word(s) that a native speaker of the language would choose. IMO, if the TTS engine has pronunciation problems for words, the TTS engine should be fixed rather than trying to accommodate its shortcomings in the client. One of the reasons for this is that there are a variety of TTS engines that can be used with Orca; accommodating the unique pronunciation characteristics of just one of these engines might end up having adverse effects on the other engines that get it right.


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