Re: [orca-list] Where Am I and braille

Hi Mike and list,
On Mon, Jun 18, 2007 at 05:49:35PM -0700, Mike Pedersen wrote:
Hello Rudolf,
I noticed, that the where am I feature only speaks the info but does not
braille it.
This is by design.  In order to braille where info information we'd
probably have to bring up some sort of control containing the
information for the user to navigate around from the braille display.
Peronally. I think, that it is very important that using a screen reader
with braille only is possible. If you are in a lecture or taking notes in
a meeting, listening to the screen reader through the headphones would
make concentrating very difficult.

therefore I think, that making features linke "where am I" work for
braille only is very imporant. 
It could for example be done by "flash messages" like the ones Freedom
(TM) Scientiffic uses. They appear on the braille display for a
configureable amount of time. They could also be configureable to stay,
until a routing key is pressed.

Also I think, that the "where am i" feature is not only of interest in
flat reviwe mode. When tabbing through a complicated application, I also
might loose the sense fo where I am.

Cheers, Rudolf

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