Re: [orca-list] Internet accessibility was: Re: form field structural

Hi All:

I'm just getting back from a week off and I'm reading this thread with
great interest.  One of the freedoms we all have here, which I'm not
sure existed with other screen readers in the past, is an excellent
community forum for discussion.  What's becoming obvious from this
thread is that there are differences of opinion, and we're getting
awfully close to becoming fragmented.  Let's please try to keep it
friendly and focused on the goals of the end user.

The specific things Joanie outlines below are a great way to help keep
this focused.  It's along the lines of what we've been trying to do all
along with Orca.  That is, what specific task is the user trying to
accomplish and how can we best support that task?  If there are models
from the Windows world that work well, we can use them.  At all times,
however, we should always discuss opportunities to improve the


Thanks for posting this example!  If I could ask you to go one step

1. List the specific strategies, commands, etc. which you personally
find the most helpful when performing the task you specify with JAWS
Window-Eyes.  I own JAWS and my agency owns Window-Eyes, so I can try
what you suggest in this step for the sake of comparison.

2. Prioritize your list.  What should we address first?  What next?

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