Re: [orca-list] form field structural navigation

Hi Hermann.

the main tester is back again ;-)

Had you gone? ;-)

Visit: or
Check the form fields forward and backward. I found out, that especially
when I move backward, Orca doesn't land on the fields surely.

There is admittedly some hacking going on here to set the caret position as Firefox doesn't always reliably update our location when we grabFocus on form fields. :-( That said, when I tried the sites you suggested, I landed on the fields as expected in both directions. So.... Can you give me an exact sequence of keystrokes where it reliably fails, or is it a "hit or miss" sorta thing?

problem, so what about redefining, for example "f"?

As Mike indicated, that was the original plan. However, if you used "f" and landed in an entry, the next press of f would cause an f to be typed. The same thing would potentially be an issue for combo boxes and lists.

Next problem: When I've visited several sites, doing search on the last
one, pressing Orca+Shift+Tab, I hear the whole history, e.g. Orca tells
me where I've been before and then says where I've landed.

Again, can you give me a specific set of keystrokes/steps to reproduce the problem?

Finally a very annoying thing: When pressing the form navigation keys,
Orca does not release the modifier key. Result: If you press the arrow
keys, you decrease/increase rate or pitch.

Yikes!  That's no good. :-(

At the risk of sounding like a broken record: Is there a specific set of keystrokes/steps.... :-) If I can make the problem reliably happen on my systems, it is far easier to track down where things are breaking.

I will leave the key assignment issues to y'all and Mike to work out. I am, as Rich recently said.... somewhere.... about himself: When it comes to the UI, I am but a humble minion. :-)

Thanks for all the feedback and testing! I will see what I can do to get these things sorted out.

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