Re: [orca-list] intro

Hello Mohammed,
regarding Orca and Firefox, it ain't that simple:
The accessibility features of Orca only work in Firefox 3.0, which is
still a developer version. Furthermore, you need the very latest Orca
which isn't part of either Edgy, or Feisty, the very latest Ubuntu - a
developer version too.
I recommend you to check out the applications you can use locally, such
as Gedit or the Open Office suite.
I don't know much about Wlan, but I think if Ubuntu recognizes your Wlan
adapter, it should work. You find network settings in
To use Linux with Orca, I think Ubuntu is the best version.
You wrote that you want to use Linux for your business. Which tasks do
you have to complete? Answering this question can help you to figure out
which parts of Linux you should check out more closely.

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