Orca speaking of menu items (was Re: Thoughts on whereAmI: Quantity of Information)

Hi Krister.

But on the other hand, i've seen instances where Orca reports something
being a "menu" but it turns out you can't go into it. Either the menu is
grayed, (Why isn't Orca reporting that?) or there's a buglet somewhere.

I've not come across that.  In my experience, grayed menu items can't
get focus.  If there's an application where a grayed menu item can get
focus and Orca is not reporting that the item in question is grayed, I'd
call that a bug and would file it (along with the specific steps to
reproduce the problem) on bugzilla.  (Have you checked out bugzilla

And speaking of changes to the way Orca says things, what's best in your
opinion, "save as dot dot dot" or "save as has dialog"?

Well, my personal preference is dot dot dot because that's what's on the
screen.  But that's just me...

Take care.

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