Re: Orca Thoughts on whereAmI: Quantity of Information

Joanmarie Diggs wrote:

"Untiled1 - Writer <brief pause> Text <brief pause> This
is a test."

What I get is:

"soffice.bin application Untitled1 - Writer frame
Untitled1 - Writer root pane paragraph This is a test. No

How about a general infrastructure that let's you substitute strings to reduce (or increase?) verbosity. We could provide a general low-verbosity look-up file, but users could add their own.

So the phrase " Writer" could be replaced by "Writer" or "O-O Writer". "Untitled1 - " could just be skipped when it occurs, etc." That way users can tweak their own verbosity settings in a simple file:

" Writer", "Writer"
"Untitled1 - ", ""
"Desktop window frame", "Desktop"

I think we can get quite far with a simple look-up file, but we should probably add some rules to stop orca from replacing " Writer" with "Writer" in a text body, etc.


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