Re: Orca 0.2.4 setting issue

Hi Tim,

Given that orca-setup still exists (and works) and that the debug output
looks to be from an older version, I suspect you might be running an old
version of Orca that doesn't even have the configuration stuff in it.
Can you please try doing an "orca --version"?  If Orca just runs and you
don't get any output, you definitely have an old version.  Here's what I
see on my system when I run "orca --version":

wwalker wwalker-laptop:~/work/SourceForge$ orca --version
GTK Accessibility Module initialized
Orca 0.2.4

I think Will nailed it on the head. Is it possible you've got an older version of orca still in /usr/bin and you are accidentally running that? The debug output
suggests that you are not running the version of Orca with the configuration
GUI in it.

Also, to save inundating the whole Orca list with 3.4Mb debug traces again, I'm now going to add a line of debug to Orca write at the beginning that will print the Orca version number. I can then in future, just get you to send out the first twenty lines and if you accidentally send it to the whole list instead of me, it
won't be an issue.


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