Re: Orca 0.2.4 setting issue

Hi Tim,

I downloaded the orca 0.2.4 code and build it on solaris nevada/vermillion_42. But when I type "/usr/local/bin/orca --gui-setup", the GUI preference dialog will not be started. It only sets off the information "Could not initialize connection to braille." I did remove the .orca directory in home directory, the speech works well too, the only issue is the GUI preferences dialog. I tried to find help on IRC channel, but nobody answered me. :(
Does anyone have solution for that?

I've no immediate solution, but I've some comments.

1/ If you don't have a physical braille device attached, then you can ignore the
"Could not initialize connection to braille." Orca should work just fine for
speech output even with this message.

2/ If you can put the .orca directory back, please do that. Then do into
~/.orca/ and uncomment the three lines:

orca.debug.debugLevel = orca.debug.LEVEL_ALL

orca.debug.eventDebugLevel = orca.debug.LEVEL_OFF

orca.debug.debugFile = open('debug.out', 'w', 0)

Change directories to your home directory, and run "orca --gui-setup" again.
If you are using Orca v0.2.4 (as opposed to the latest from CVS HEAD),
use the F12 key to terminate Orca. Send me the debug.out file that's been generated.
If you can't put the .orca directory back, see #3 below.

3/ Does "orca --text-setup" work for you? It should give you a load of questions written to stdout which you will need to respond to. If this works, try then following it up with setting the three debug lines above, followed by running "orca --gui-setup" (or just "orca -s") afterwards. Does the GUI comes up now? If not, send me the debug.out from
the "orca -s " run.


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