Re: Orca 0.2.4 setting issue

Hi Tim:

Sorry,  "orca --text-setup" doesn't work for me either.
I removed all the files and directory in my home directory which was
created by /usr/bin/orca-setup. Then I run the /usr/local/bin/orca
--text-setup again, it still doesn't work.

Given that orca-setup still exists (and works) and that the debug output
looks to be from an older version, I suspect you might be running an old
version of Orca that doesn't even have the configuration stuff in it.  

Can you please try doing an "orca --version"?  If Orca just runs and you
don't get any output, you definitely have an old version.  Here's what I
see on my system when I run "orca --version":

wwalker wwalker-laptop:~/work/SourceForge$ orca --version
GTK Accessibility Module initialized
Orca 0.2.4


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