Re: Orca Speech Dispatcher and (was Re: new user with a few questions)

One thing I have invisioned for Solaris, Linux, and FreeBSD 
accessibility for quite a long time is a uniform set of speech drivers 
that can be used by several different assistive technologies. I can 
imagine a time where emacspeak, orca, gnopernicus, etc all uses  the 
same set of drivers for a wide range of different tts engines and 
hardware based synthes.

Agreed - we definitely need a way to reduce device contention.  The
Brailcom folks have been leading a TTS API discussion, and I hope to be
able to review their latest draft as soon as the GNOME 2.16 dust

Another ideal, btw, would be to have such a speech system available as
early in the boot process as possible.


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