Orca Speech Dispatcher and (was Re: new user with a few questions)

Hi Tomas:

Definitely under consideration for Orca after we get GNOME 2.16 out the
door.  Thanks for your hard work!  

I think we can easily get the code into Orca, much like we have done
with Emacspeak, but there are bigger issues I'd like to think about,
such as: should Speech Dispatcher replace gnome-speech?  Should Speech
Dispatcher become part of GNOME?  What would doing this mean?  Who will
support it?  Will we get all the functionality we need?

In addition, I think there still may be a missing feature or two that we
need.  One of them includes knowing what is being spoken when so we can
do things such as highlight what is being spoken and reposition the
caret when the user interrupts speech.



Yes, Speech Dispatcher supports Dectalk.

Will, is the Speech Dispatcher backend patch being considered for
inclusion into Orca?  Let me know if you need any assistance.

Best regards, Tomas.
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