Re: trying to bond ethernet and wifi with no luck

On Tue, 2018-05-22 at 13:42 +0200, Thomas Haller wrote:

Correct, you cannot.


It's not clear why you say "in the same manner...", because this is
regardless of whether your enslave a Wi-Fi profile to a bond or not.
Wi-Fi profile in NetworkManager (currently) always requires to
the exact SSID (AP name).

Right.  But once I have connected to an AP and provided any needed
authentication, any time I come back to the area served by that AP
(name) NM automatically connects me to it.

I'm just looking for that same transparency for a bonded connection.

Maybe it's a missing feature, but it's not clear to me that this
be very useful. Because, commonly each network (SSID) also comes with
distinct set of authentication parameters (password).

Indeed.  But you only have to enter them the first time and then they
get reused the next time you enter that AP's zone.

Ultimately, I think what I am looking for is more transparent bonding
of ethernet and wifi so that they are *always* bonded and whenever I go
somewhere new and have to select an AP (i.e. through the nm-
applet/GUI), once I have selected it and authenticated (if necessary)
that is just automatically added to the bonded interface.

So, in terms of UX, probably a high-level option of a checkbox "Always
bond Wired and Wireless", where if I select that, I am asked to
configure (perhaps optionally, with reasonable defaults) the bond
master and ethernet interface, and any time I add a new wireless AP by
selecting it and authenticating it, it's automatically bonded and
subsequently whenever I enter that AP's zone, I connect automatically
to it as a slave of the bond.

Surely, the way it works currently is not unworkable.  It just means I
have to manually add every (existing and new) AP I connect to to the
bonded interface.  I'm just making a suggestion for how it could be
made easier and more transparent for perhaps less technical users.


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