Re: trying to bond ethernet and wifi with no luck

On Mon, May 21, 2018 at 11:16:11PM -0400, Brian J. Murrell wrote:

I am trying to bond an ethernet and wifi interface for seamless
wired/wifi switching where ethernet is the primary connection, but
fallback to wifi happens when the plug is pulled but with no IP
addressing changes.

I'm using NM 1.10.6.

I guess the first question is does anyone know of a howto on the steps
needing doing just so that I can sanity check what I am doing?  I am
using Fedora 28 so am happy with either /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ 
configuration or all done completely with nmcli.  I just want to have
it working one way or the other first before trying to make it work
native to Fedora 28.

What I seem to have now is a bond0 interface including my ethernet
interface and it comes up:

# nmcli connection 
NAME                              UUID                                  TYPE       DEVICE  
bond-slave-enp0s25-1              30caaf72-9fb8-4876-be5b-e97eab16e4c2  ethernet   enp0s25 
bond0                             865fab22-975a-406d-a00a-33a313cbe7fb  bond       bond0   
bond-slave-wlp3s0-1               cafdd3e1-1490-470c-8103-990c5c5c13ba  ethernet   --      

It doesn't seem to be bringing the wifi interface into bond0 though.


bond-slave-wlp3s0-1 is of type 'ethernet', while it should be
'wifi'. You can create the wifi connection using your favorite
graphical tool or nmcli and then change its master to the bond in this

 nmcli connection modify $wifi-slave-con \
                         connection.master bond0 \
                         connection.slave-type bond                      

After this, it will be added to the bond when it connects, which
should happen automatically if you also set:

                         connection.autoconnect yes


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