Re: ipv6 method=shared ?

Am Donnerstag, 5. April 2018, 04:42:26 CEST schrieb Tore Anderson:
* Thomas Schäfer

Expecting that the networkmanager asks only for a prefix, I only allowed
DHCPv6-PD at my router.
But NM also asks for an address via dhcpv6. (Identity Association for Non-
temporary Address)


Check with rdisc6 if your router sets the M flag in the RA?

The answer is complex. The router allows a lot of different settings.

         dhcpv6-server - off ,  dns-only, dns+IA_PD, dns+IA_PD+IA_NA
stateful address conf  - user,  no      , no       , yes
stateful other   conf  - user,  yes     , yes      , yes

"user" means users choice for RA O-flag set, M-and O-flag set(with AAC) and M-
and O-flag set(without AAC)
AAC (aoutonomous address configuration)  

My problem was/is, that NetworkManager requests 
a prefix and an address in case of 
"O-flag" + DHCPv6-DNS+IA_PD, but not M-flag

Are there further possibilities? Something like bridging or ndp-proxying,
in case there is no prefix available?

There's RFC 7278 for sharing a 3GPP /64 assignment to downstream devices,
but this isn't implemented in NM to the best of my knowledge.

It was my hope, that mm/nm have implemented such a mode in the meantime. 


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