Re: Loss of Network Adress is DHCP Server failed for some hours


Am 02.10.2017 um 19:31 schrieb Thomas Haller:
On nm-1-8 (which is in latest CentOS) you can instead do:

  nmcli con mod $CON ipv4.dhcp-timeout 2147483647

which is as good as setting "infinity".
Many thanks for this additional information, and also the implementation details! 

I did now go with the technique of deploying the configuration change. 
In our case, the servers are installed with Foreman / Kickstart, and managed with Puppet,
using DHCP reserved to assign the adresses and keep DHCP settings (like list of DNS servers etc.) more 
So the easiest approach for me was indeed the change to the configuration files (via Puppet),
affecting all interfaces / connections, as outlined in the mail by Francesco sent to Olaf. 

Nevertheless, many thanks and all the best, 

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