Re: Loss of Network Adress is DHCP Server failed for some hours

On Mon, 2017-10-02 at 18:56 +0200, Oliver Freyermuth via
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Put the relevant info in the answer to Olaf.

Many thanks! 

Understood. Still I would strongly prefer it if there was an
to keep trying forever, as all other network managers I know do
(dhclient, dhcpcd, any device I have encountered so far).

Something is already there on upstream master. You can do:
nmcli con mod $CON ipv4.dhcp-timeout infinity

but it is available via nmcli only...

Like this, it is not useful to me (yet), but good to see it's there! 


On nm-1-8 (which is in latest CentOS) you can instead do:

  nmcli con mod $CON ipv4.dhcp-timeout 2147483647

which is as good as setting "infinity".

On master, "infinity" is really only an alias for 2147483647.
What is also different on master, is that NM will not even schedule a
timeout in case of 2147483647. On nm-1-8 instead, it will schedule an
extremely long timeout.
For practical purpose, both behave the same.


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