Re: Loss of Network Adress is DHCP Server failed for some hours


a small heads-up from my side on this critical bug... Would really like to have some upstream developer 
opinion on this, though. 

Am 02.10.2017 um 09:20 schrieb Oliver Freyermuth:
Is specifying
in the [main] section of NetworkManager.conf a working workaround until this fundamental issue is resolved 
(which would work without recompiling)? 
I tested. It has no effect at all, it seems the hardcoded DHCP_NUM_TRIES_MAX is the only thing which is used 
if DHCP fails. The autoconnect-retries seems to be used only for non-DHCP errors. 

Another option would be to increase the DHCP timeout, which seems to translate into the time "NetworkManager 
keeps dhclient alive before killing it". 
Sadly, this can only be set per connection, which makes it hard to roll this out onto a large set of servers 
which should use default DHCP configuration. 

It would be really nice if NetworkManager would behave like *any* other DHCP client here, or just let 
dhclient do its job properly instead of killing it regularly, breaking the rule of least surprise. 

Any thoughts on this? Any help on the matter? 


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