Re: Loss of Network Adress is DHCP Server failed for some hours


Put the relevant info in the answer to Olaf.
Many thanks! 

Understood. Still I would strongly prefer it if there was an option
to keep trying forever, as all other network managers I know do
(dhclient, dhcpcd, any device I have encountered so far).

Something is already there on upstream master. You can do:
nmcli con mod $CON ipv4.dhcp-timeout infinity

but it is available via nmcli only...
Like this, it is not useful to me (yet), but good to see it's there! 

Sorry, link to the same bugzilla as above.
Summing up, basically, what could be taken into account is to review
the meaning of ipv4/ipv6.may-fail=yes: we can keep retrying dhcp while
keeping the connection active.
This would solve all the complains while leaving the "stop" behavior
there if one chooses may-fail=no.
Agreed - this would be nice for a future version. 
Until then, at least the description in your mail to Olaf provides me with a viable workaround for the 

Many thanks and cheers, 

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