Re: Approaching NetworkManager 1.2

* Dan Williams

I wouldn't get rid of "Automatic (Addresses only)" since this is what
enables you to ignore DNS servers/routes and use your own.

Actually, contrary to to what you'd intuitively expect, that method
does *not* ignore receive routes. Only DNS servers are ignored. The
only difference compared to the «Automatic» is ignore-auto-dns=true
gets set.

This is a very good example of what was getting at. Instead of having a
separate "method" just to ignore received DNS server, this should have
been a simple checkbox to override the default behaviour, in the same
way privacy extensions already are.

With the current arrangement, if you want to allow the user to ignore
routes but not DNS servers, you'd need a third «Automatic (..)»
flavour. If you want to allow to ignore both routes *and* DNS servers,
you'll need a fourth. One "method" for each possible permutation of the
settings simply won't scale.

Yeah, we've talked about that for a couple years but nobody's gotten
around to it.  Note that you can currently use SLAAC in addition to
manual addresses already, though what you probably want is SLAAC to
deliver the prefix/DNS/etc and use a static IP with that prefix?

That would be one possible use case. Note that I'm not really talking
about a specific need of my own here, but rather to make it more
flexible in general than it currently is.


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