Re: Approaching NetworkManager 1.2

* Lubomir Rintel <lkundrak v3 sk>

If anyone believes anything important is missing it's a good time to
speak up now.

A couple of suggestions:

1) IPv6 method cleanup:
   * Get rid of «Automatic (DHCP only)»
   * Get rid of «Automatic (Addresses only)»
   * Replace «Ignore» with «Disabled», which should set the
     disable_ipv6 sysctl).

(In general I think the «method» concept is somewhat misguided to begin
with, even for IPv4. I'd rather see it be replaced by a set of mostly
independent toggles to enable/disable various features, to allow for
arbitrary combinations. For example: It is currently impossible to use
SLAAC in combination with a manual static address. I can't see any good
reason for that.)

2) Support for IPv6 sharing. Relevant technologies here:
   * DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation (RFC 3633)
   * ND Proxy (RFC 4389)
   * 3GPP /64 share (RFC 7278) [Note: ND Proxy covers this use case]

Maybe I'll think of more later.


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