Re: nm in different linux distributions - ppp versus qmi-wwan

On Thu, 2015-11-05 at 19:15 +0100, Thomas Schäfer wrote:

the last days I tested the NetorkManager with the Huwei E398 with dualstack on 
livecd / fresh installed systems. (ISP Deutsche Telekom(t-mobile))

I observed the 

Opensuse 42.1
nm1.0.6/mm1.4.10 --> uses qmi-wwan, connection editor allows to enable IPv6
and it works

Ubuntu 15.10
nm1.0.4/mm1.4.10 --> uses qmi-wwan, connection editor ignores IPv6 completely 
after changing manually  the method to auto it works


nm1.06/mm?? --> uses ppp, connection editor allows to enable IPv6
but IPv6 via ppp is not supported by the modem

So my question is: Who does decide between qmi-wwan or ppp?

ModemManager does, based on device discovery.  So it's likely that the
version of ModemManager that you typed as "mm??" isn't able to correctly
recognize the modem as a QMI one.  That is either a ModemManager
problem, a kernel driver problem, or a "modeswitch" problem (where the
device is not told to come up in the right mode by usb_modeswitch, if
the modem requires that).

If you can add "--debug" to the ModemManager service arguments (through
either systemd, dbus autostart, or whatever runs MM on your system) them
we could get more info.


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