Re: Request for discussion: patch - remove "also request dhcpv6.server-id"

Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> writes:

The also_request() is saying "please server, send me your DUID!" so it
shouldn't contravene the RFC here.  However, I don't think we care a lot
about the server DUID in NM itself, so I think the patch should be fine.
If dhclient needs the server DUID, dhclient will figure out how to get

The server DUID is mandatory in the replies from the server, so adding
it to the Option Request option is in best case redundant.

From RFC 3315:

 15.3. Advertise Message

   Clients MUST discard any received Advertise messages that meet any of
   the following conditions:

   -  the message does not include a Server Identifier option.

 17.2.2. Creation and Transmission of Advertise Messages
   The server includes its server identifier in a Server Identifier
   option and copies the Client Identifier from the Solicit message into
   the Advertise message.


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