Request for discussion: patch - remove "also request dhcpv6.server-id"


As already observed in the thread "dhcpv6-problem"  some devices are confused 
by option request dhcpv6.server-id.

I looked a little bit in to RFC 3736 and 3315. But I still don't know what is 
Do you need the server-id, in case they are more than one servers in your LAN?

Is a empty server-id request a valid request? ( in case of a selection: does 
empty mean all or nothing?)

Why doesn't windows send this request?

Because I don't see any disadvantages I propose to remove this request.

At the moment I know three devices which would work with this patch.
ZTE 823D
alcatel one touch W800Z (tct-mobile) alias Telekom Speedsick LTE IV

and I don't know any device which would stop working.

Thomas Schäfer

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