I've tested again the device with latest changes in
'aleksander/qmi-sms-fixes' (f28d349). It seems to work, as I was able
to send, receive and read messages.

While playing a little with the device, I realized that with your
latests changes, sometimes it fails to remove some messages. It throws
the following error:

May 17 10:32:07 localhost ModemManager[22342]: <debug>
[1368779527.091494] [mm-sms-qmi.c:565] delete_part_ready(): Couldn't
delete SMS part with index 3: 'QMI protocol error (17):


2013/5/17 Aleksander Morgado <aleksander lanedo com>:
On 05/16/2013 08:12 PM, Dan Williams wrote:
For the E398, perhaps it can read messages, but it still needs the

David, are you able to test the 'aleksander/qmi-sms-fixes' branch with
the E398?

That branch has a fix to send the Message Tag TLV when reading a given
SMS, and also added the MT_READ tag when listing SMS. If the listing
command does work with the tag, I'll update the logic to loop reading
all tags.

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David Castellanos Serrano

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