Hey David,

I've doing some testing of SMS messaging with latest MM master
(f31ab09) and libqmi (485c455), and the results were really good in
general. We have in our laboratory a rather big sample of devices sold
by Telefónica in Spain and Latin America, and almost all the devices
I've tried were able to send and receive SMS messages both with and
without a network connection established.

I only had problems with the following devices:
- Sierra devices are not able to receive or send SMS while connected
to the network. Probably these device only are able to create one

Or the secondary port they expose is just useless for such work. Sierra
secondary ports usually have a very limited AT command set, and probably
they want all the work to be done through the CnS port which we don't

- The devices Huawei E367 and E367U, and ZTE MF620 do not expose the
D-Bus interface org.freedesktop.ModemManager1.Messaging.

The E367 in QMI mode, at least, doesn't include the WMS (messaging) QMI
service, so no SMS messaging through QMI. We could definitely fallback
to the AT-command based SMS messaging, but that's not implemented yet in

- The device Huawei E398 is able to send and receive SMS messages, but
it seems there is a problem in the libqmi library because I was not
able to read the SMS text. I've attached the logs of ModemManager in
debug mode.

Would love to see those logs, wherever they are :)

Also, MBIM devices won't do SMS messaging yet, that also needs to get done.


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