On 05/16/2013 07:05 PM, Dan Williams wrote:
What's bizarre is that a Gobi 1k with really, *really* old QMI (2009)
works just fine with the exact same command sequence.  So it can't
really be related to old vs. new QMI version, just that some devices
with some versions of WMS perhaps want a specific TLV?

The only TLV that we don't pass to List Messages is the one specifying
which message tags you want to query (e.g. I want only
QMI_WMS_MESSAGE_TAG_TYPE_MT_READ). When that TLV is not set, the modem
should return all messages. Maybe the modem really wants that TLV, and
if so, we would need to loop querying for all 4 known tags for each
message store.
Yeah, that's the problem.  Setting that TLV makes the command return
"Success" on the ADU960s, but I'm not able to actually *see* any
messages using MT_READ or MT_NOT_READ.  Also, when sending an SMS, all I
get from the ADU960s is the "Transfer Route MT Message" indication,
which MM currently ignores.  That data looks like it contains the PDU,
right?  Maybe this firmware simply can't store the message to NV so it
indicates it to the host and then discards it, and that's why it doesn't
show up in SM/NV storage?

Not even the SM storage? :/ Did you try to create a SMS, store it in SM
storage (--store-in-storage=sm) and then --send it?


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