Re: SMS sending error with Telit module

On 27/03/13 14:39, Enrico Murador - Research & Development - CET wrote:
In MM 0.7.x, make sure you *unlock* the PIN (if needed) and *enable* the
modem before trying to send SMS, e.g. (assuming index 0 for SMS and
  $> sudo mmcli -i 0 --pin=1234
  $> sudo mmcli -m 0 -e
On rows 391/392 of modemLog-V7_99:

<debug> [1364372591.473118] [mm-at-serial-port.c:397] debug_log():
(ttyUSB2): <-- '<CR><LF>+CPIN: READY<CR><LF><CR><LF>OK<CR><LF>'
<debug> [1364372591.476778] [mm-iface-modem.c:2692]
update_lock_info_context_step(): SIM is ready, and no need for the after
SIM unlock step...

Does this means that PIN is unlocked?

Yes. Still, you need to manually enable the modem with mmcli -e.


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